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Barn addition

I am hoping to get the roof on my new barn addition today. Got part of it up last night, with the help of my trusty Kubota tractor. This will double the space that my males will have to protect them from the weather. The girls and their crias have taken over most of the main barn, so the adult boys, who have been in the summer barn, now will have their very own space. I will post pictures later on today, with the roof hopefully on. Feeling pretty proud of myself right now. I don't know many females that could do what I have done here. Once the roof is on, the sides will be put on, and that is the easy part. When I have a good day to paint it, I will do that as well. Until that day arrives, tarps will cover the sides.

We have had several days with some pretty good downpours, so the addition has been on hold until a better weather day arrives. Right now, there is mud everywhere, and the pacas spend most of their days in the barn.