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sudden temperature change

When you get sudden and dramatic temperature changes like we are currently getting, I make sure that tarps are up to cut down on the wind, and put extra straw down for all of the alpacas to cush in. They also require more water at this time, so I check the water tanks to make sure the heaters are doing their jobs. This makes the barn rather dark, so I leave lights on, even during the day. I use the floodlights that are led, and they don't use as much energy as the normal floodlights used to do. In addition, I put alfalfa pellets and beet pulp pellets in with their alpaca grain. Normally, my boys don't get grain, but when it gets to be extreme weather, they do get some. I also make sure that they all have alpaca minerals available at all times, since I notice that they tend to lick those more often during colder weather.