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Anticipating the birth of a new cria is always an experience, particularly with this one. My fawn girl, GSAF Miss Deerfield, is driving me bonkers, waiting for her to deliver this highly anticipated cria, which will be the first offspring of our new herdsire, CFI Peruvian Stryker. Her due date was in late May, and here it is the ninth of June, and although she has cria sticking out on both sides, apparently has no desire to drop her baby yet. About an hour ago, I checked on her again, as I have been doing the last ten days, every half hour or so, and all she does is give me that unfathomable stare that tells me "Leave me alone." Today, however, she really rolled around in the dust area of the barn, so maybe, just maybe, there will be a cria. I have tried following Rick Horn's advice(How I miss that sense of humor he had, and all the wisdom he shared with everyone.)and left the farm, making sure she saw the red lights on my truck as I drove out past her, but to no avail. I may have to go and replenish my wine supply, because in my many days of anticipation, I have reduced that to nothing, and if she continues this much longer, she may yet drive me to drink. Maybe if I head to Jungle Jim's and get some good red wine, she will feel sorry for me and finally produce this, what I am sure is going to be a monstrously large baby. I am going to check on her once more, and if she isn't doing anything productive, I will tell her that I am heading out to get some wine, and won't be back for a while. Maybe that will get her attention.