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A surprise package

As many alpaca farmers, I am anal about checking my pregnant girls when it gets close to their due dates. On September 1, though, I was very busy and had to go shopping for numerous alpaca related items, one of which was getting needles for the next herd health day. Getting home around five, I was tired, and decided to take a quick cat nap. No sooner had I laid myself down, than I realized that I might as well do the pm barn clean-up right then, instead of waiting until later, so got up and went straight to the barn. While raking the poo, I happened to glance out to the pasture where all the girls were grazing peacefully, and noticed something lying way back in the pasture. I assumed that Kander, my Anatolian Shepherd, had caught a critter and dispatched it,so went out to get whatever it was. To my surprise, it was the cria I had been expecting and looking for. He was already completely dry and was just snoozing, but jumped up immediately when I touched him, a lovely fawn like his sire, CFI Stryker. I picked him up, took him to the barn, doused his navel with Vetricyn, weighed him, and then went to check the milk supply on mom, Avia, who had anxiously followed me to the barn. Mom had colostrum, as well as a ton of milk and baby was up and nursing when I left the two alone. Another good and very satisfying day at the farm. Love surprises like that.