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Getting ready for Old Man Winter

Now that it is almost December, I am getting my barns ready for some cold weather, and moving the adult males to the main barn where there is a new addition to make things more comfortable for them as well as for me. The summer barn has no water lines to it, so it is not an option for a cold winter. The main barn has water lines, and watering troughs that are kept from freezing via some submersible heaters. It also has electric, so I can do work in there after dark.
So far, the only males that have inhabited the new addition to the barn, have been the three gentlemen. They are about to be joined by the more boisterous group of adult males, so it will be interesting, to say the least, when this male herd grows from three to eight or nine. For the time being, the smaller of the males will be separated from the big boys, until I feel that they can get along and share hay, barn and water. I am hoping this arrangement will work, as the girls are all right next to them, with only a 5 ft high gate separating them. However, they were all in there for the past twelve years, so I think things will settle down once they have adjusted to their "new" environment.