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Addition to my herd

December 7th I drove down to W.Va to get a weanling male, and guess what? I came home with three stunning boys. Alpacas are like potato chips and German Shepherds, you can never have enough. Thursday and Friday were herd health days and with the help of my farm sitter and her husband, I was able to get everyone except Black Mystique done. Mystique decided she was not going to get her shot that day, and nearly knocked over the pen I had around the scale. We decided it was not worth possibly injuring her, so let her out of the pen. Now it is ice and snow outside, and with my new knee trying to heal, I think I will let her be until tomorrow. We got all twelve males done within an hour and a half, which is longer than normal, but then they were not as co-operative as they normally are either. Maybe because there were three of us in the barn instead of just me. At least they all have their ivermectin for another month, so I can rest my knee and hopefully be in a much better shape by the time the next herd health day runs around. I did check eyes on everyone, and all had really nice pink rims around their eyes. Weights were good as well. My knee now needs a couple of days of rest.