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Shearing time

Shearing time is just about three weeks away, so I am getting my ducks all in a row to ensure an efficient and pleasant shearing event for all. So here goes:
1) Recipes for a good lunch for everyone--something that will not put them to sleep after eating, and making sure I have stuff for those who are on special diets(gluten free, etc.)
2) Clean out the barns so that there is no hay/straw, etc.
3) Clean the mats that I use to put under the shearer's mats, which helps to keep everything nice and clean.
4) Check electric outlets to make sure they are in proper working order
5) Wash alpaca halters
6) Hang up fans in all the barns.
7) Mark plastic bags for the fiber with name of animal and fiber grade. I use one for each: blanket, seconds and thirds.
8) Make a zip lock bag for each animal's micron testing sample
9) Have several sharp toe nail clippers on hand, and get new ones as needed.
10) Get CDT and give to open females only as they are shorn, as well as the males.
11) Get plastic sheeting to noodle blankets.
12) Buy drinks.
13) Buy ice for cooler.
14) Get a tent for shade.
15) Remind helpers a week before shearing.
16) Get plenty of sleep the night before.
17) Have blood stop in case of nicks.
18) Have Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol on hand for aches and pains.
19) Have camera ready to take lots of pictures.