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Latest cria

We had a surprise on Friday, September 16th. It was late in the afternoon when I went to let the female herd back into the barn. I saw a heap of something light in the back of the pasture, and when I went to check, found that Tea Rose had given birth, a few weeks early, to a tiny, nine pound, light fawn male. He was so small that he had trouble reaching the milk bar, was already dry and able to stand and walk, although a bit wobbly. Got mom and baby into the barn and weighed him. His slight weight caused some concern, but he appeared ok in every other way and soon was able to nurse after I stripped mom's teats. Since that day, he has steadily gained and yesterday was up to 16 lbs. He is one very tough little guy and annoys all the females by jumping on them. His fiber is beautiful and I am hoping that he will turn out to have mom's great micron.