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Getting ready for spring and shearing

Sunshine is here today, which makes me very happy, and I know the pacas are enjoying every ray as well. It has been one historic winter, going from freezing to the upper sixties from one day to the next. I am not looking forward to the insects this summer. As soon as I can wade through the mud, I will clean out the winter mess from the barns. Had the tractor and mower serviced during the winter, so everything should be in good working order. Need to get a new seed/fertilizer spreader as the old one is simply shot. Since I had my right knee replaced for the third time(the 3rd should be the charm) I did not get to clip nails this winter and they need to be done desperately for a couple of the animals whose nails grow more quickly. Fortunately, my 14 year old grand nephew was with me to take care of the pacas and dogs for the past several weeks since I got out of the rehab place. My farm sitter took excellent care of them before that, so with the help of Luke, we got the pacas their monthly shots in Feb. The next time they are due, I should be a little more stable on my feet. Looking forward to going to the farmer's market the third Saturday in March.