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New crias

I had the chance to go and visit my nephew and niece and their two children in Truckee, Ca, so had my farm sitter come and take care of my animals while I was gone for two weeks. Of course, I had crias due at any time, so wrote up a list of instructions as to how to care for them, and also left the vet's number for "just in case". As I was frantically trying to get everything ready for the trip, one of them dropped her cria the day before I was to fly out, so that left just one more to come. Fortunately, all was well with the little male, who is a really cute one with white stripes across his eyes, that make him look like he has really bushy eyebrows. I may call him Groucho, but have not decided yet. I kept getting replies when I was texting the farm sitter, and it was not until the last four days of my vacation that I got the reply I was waiting for: "We have a baby." I was not sure that she knew hot to check the sext of the cria, and when she kept referring to it as "he", I thought that I would just wait until I got home. Well, it turned out that "he" was indeed a "she" and a lovely fawn at that. Still have not decided on names for either, but am thinking of naming the female Vista since I was looking at a beautiful mountain site at the time I received the text from my farm sitter.